Francisco Javier Ortego Y Vereda 1833 - 1881

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Francisco Javier Ortego Y Vereda
1833 wurde Francisco Javier Ortego Y Vereda geboren
Ortego y Vereda, Francisco Javier (Madrid, 1833-Bois-Colombes, Paris, 1881). Spanish painter and draftsman.
He studied at the School of Fine Arts of San Fernando de Madrid and, very soon, thanks to its ease of drawing,
was devoted to cartoons to magazines of the era, as Museum Universal, The Red Bird, El Garbanzo, The Bazaar,
Fray You see, Don Diego de Noche, and above all, Gil Blas. His popular cartoons and their archetypes would be
published in a collection. He also illustrated works of literature, like that of Pedro Antonio de Alarcon, Diary of a
 witness of the war in Africa, 1860, or Don Juan Tenorio, Manuel Fernandez and Gonzalez. Reached great perfection
 in the use of lithographic pencil imposes in the satirical illustration. As a painter, his work is best known Death of
Christopher Columbus, with the history of painting which won special honors at the National Exhibition of Fine
Arts in the year 1864, but, generally, his paintings is small in format and easy composition Based on a theme of
popular types. Poorly paid and as a cartoonist with a large family, their economic situation was difficult, so that
in 1871 he moved to Paris to improve their future, which ultimately did not succeed. There he stayed until the end
of his life, when he moved to a nearby village because of his delicate health. After his death the Editorial Gaspar Roig
 produced an edition of the album Ortego, with a selection of his drawings, which was preface by Pellicer.
1881 starb Francisco Javier Ortego Y Vereda
Szene in Kirche vor einem Weihwasserbecken
Zwei junge Frauen, eine alte und ein galanter Herr
Abmessung des Keilrahmens 46 x 38 cm
Das Gemälde ist im Bereich des Bodens beschädigt.
signiert und mit 1877 datiert
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